Solutions for the digitalization of image documentation in surgery, day clinic and outpatient clinic


In times of ever increasing cost reduction in the health care system, there is a growing demand for IT communication solutions within hospital networks. Especially solutions for a holistic image data management for integration into the electronic patient file are required.

We integrate existing and future medical systems into hospital-wide image and data management. Analog or non-radiological devices such as endoscope, ultrasound, ECG or EEG systems often work isolated from the hospital IT. This means additional costs, time and money to manage patient records, reports, images and videos and their integration into the electronic patient record or HIS.

HCI offers solutions for a modern and flexible digitalization strategy for use in the surgical in-house and outpatient department. Even non-Dicom imaging systems and cameras in the equipment inventory can be retrofitted to the digital workflow. The systems will be digitally integrated into the existing PACS / VNA archive management via worklist connection and Dicom Store.